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Russian Coolant Leak: Is Space Safe? (Analysis)

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Latest Update:

On October 9th the Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency) reported a coolant leak (responsible for thermal control in the system) in their multipurpose Nauka module attached to the International Space Station(ISS). The space agencies, including NASA, have reassured that there is no immediate danger to the crew and the station. Teams of engineers are actively addressing the issue.

Russian Module in the ISS
Russian Module in the ISS

Similar previous cases:

Last December, coolant leaked from the Soyuz crew capsule docked at the station, and another similar leak from a Progress supply ship was discovered in February. Russian investigation concluded that those leaks likely resulted from hits by tiny meteoroids, not manufacturing flaws.

The space station, which has served as a symbol of post-Cold War international cooperation, is now one of the last remaining areas of cooperation between Russia and the West amid the tensions over Moscow’s military action in Ukraine. NASA and its partners hope to continue operating the orbiting outpost until 2030.

The crew consists of the following members:

  • NASA's astronauts: Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O'Hara

  • European Space Agency's representative: Andreas Mogensen

  • Russian cosmonauts: Konstantin Borisov, Oleg Kononenko, and Nikolai Chub

  • Japanese astronaut: Satoshi Furukawa

Video showing the coolant leak-

For the moment we just hope for the safety and return of the crew, and hope that the probability of such leaks popping up is reduced and the missions are carried out in time.

- Team AstroVent

Should more funding be allocated to enhance ISS equipment safety following the Russian coolant leak?"

  • Yes, safety should be the top priority for ISS operations.

  • No , current precautions are sufficient.

  • I'm not sure

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