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"Spot The Station App" : NASA Building Groundbreaking Tech

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

In November NASA built a new app “SPOT THE STATION” to help stargazers spot the International Space Station, humanity’s home in space, as it passes over Earth and expanding access to news and resources about the microgravity laboratory.


Working of the App:

Þ The app works on an augmented reality interface (AR) making it easier for users to locate a station while capturing and sharing pictures and videos of the sightings in real-time.

Þ The app’s compass allows the users to locate the space station(even if one is on the other side of the globe) along with mobile notifications of upcoming viewing opportunities based on the location of the user.

Þ Sighting of the space station is similar to that of sighting of the moon that is through the reflection of the Sun, the space station can only be seen at dusk or dawn, whereas the sightseeing opportunity varies from a month to several weeks as factors like the darkness and the location of space station affect the frequency of sight-seeing.


History of the app:

Þ ISS developed the app along with NASA’s Space Operations Mission Directorate, the developers have kept the app’s code open source for all to access, modify, and use in their own projects and to provide optional feedback to the developers.

Þ The app was scheduled to be released near the 25th anniversary of ISS. The space station allows us to expand scientific knowledge in Earth, space, and physical, and biological sciences to benefit people living on our home planet.

Views of Robyn Gatens(International Space Station director at NASA Headquarters in Washington):


“Even after 23 years of continuous human presence aboard the International Space Station, it’s incredibly exciting to see the station when you look up at just the right moment,” “The orbiting laboratory that continues to provide so many unique, tangible benefits for humanity really isn’t that far out of reach.”

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